Test Specifics

Metametrix Panels 

When you order the Allergix panels on this website, they are the same ones provided by Metametrix Lab in Duluth, GA. Test results with a full color rotation diet will be mailed to you within 3 weeks from the time the lab receives the sample

Medications and IgG/IgE testing: The use of cortisone (steroids) can give a false negative reading. They would need to be out of the system for 60 days prior to testing to allow for antibody reactions to be seen. Antihistimines need to be out of the system 6 weeks prior to IgE testing.

ALCAT Tests 

When you order a “Nutritionally Yours” ALCAT test, you will receive the exact same test kit Alcat sends to their practitioners.

Medications and Alcat: Avoid anti-histamines for 3-5 days, steroid nasal sprays for 48 hours, daily steroid users for 4 weeks, every few days steroid users for 2 weeks, high dose vitamin C reduce to 500mg per days for 3 days, Anticoagulants (call for details), Antibiotics (call for details)

Results will be emailed to you within 3-5 days from the time the lab receives the sample. A full color test results and rotation diet will be mailed to you 2 weeks later.

Always check with your physician before stopping or reducing medication.

Blood test kits can be taken to a local lab or clinic lake an Urgent Care for the blood draw to be perfomed. There will be a small fee of around $25 for this service.

Gluten Testing in Stool and Saliva

We offer two stool tests to identify a gluten intolernace. One includes transglutimase antibodies and one does not. Transglutimase ab identifies if gluten may be contributing to an auto immune reaction.

We also offer a saliva test for gluten intolerance. However, the stool test is 100% reliable. If you chose to run the saliva test and it is positive then it is accuate and your body is making antibodies towards gluten. But if the saliva test is negative then we suggest double checking with the stool test.

Stool test results take 3 1/2 weeks from the time our lab receives the sample. Results are emailed. Saliva test results take 2 weeks and results are emailed.