Chronic Fatigue / Food Allergies

Fatigue and Food Allergies run hand in hand!

People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome can have a debilitating fatigue that can last for many years and it affects every part of their everyday life. People with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may get a good night sleep, but wake up tired and remain tired throughout the day.

How to combine a meal for a child that has an allergy?

Depending on what foods are allergens, we took an example of the child being allergic to the widest range of allergens.

Breakfast: Integral bread of oats or barley, banana and dried grapes, cup of rice milk.

Snack: Fruit salad of apples and pears, with soy cream, cognac biscuit, plum juice

Lunch: Beef soup, mussels of integral rice, carrots, corn and cauliflower, salad of black olives, onions and cooked potatoes

Snack: Vanilla soy pudding.

Dinner: Gluten free flour, stuffed with pre-prepared mushroom sauce, onion and tomato sauce.

CFS is a disorder with a variety of chronic fatigue symptoms. Some people just have extreme fatigue; others also have pain, neurological disorders, depression, anxiety, and more.

Chronic Fatiuge and Food Allergies are very common. An easy diet for chronic fatigue relief is to begin with identifying foods, food additives or chemicals you are reacting to. All of these can be “triggers” which can cause low energy, anxiety, panic attacks, even depression.

Food allergy

Yes, you can increase your energy by discovering your food intolerances and adjusting your diet!

Benefits of our food allergy / food intolerance tests: learn your perfect chronic fatigue diet, discover the chronic fatigue and nutrition program that is best for you, find chronic fatigue relief just by changing your diet!