Water and its importance

There is one food that we take for granted, but whose importance goes beyond the importance of all others. It is plain, pure water, which is sometimes called “freighter”. But, keep in mind that a person can starve for 40 days, so there were even experiments and with 100 days of starvation, but without water he cannot withstand even 10 days. Insufficient water intake gradually and invariably changes the physiology of the organism and leads to a series of chronic degenerative changes in tissue and organs. Believe it or not, but even such diseases as stomach ulcer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthrosis, allergies, and asthma can be the result of constant dehydration.

However, the neglect of clean water and its replacement of the so-called. “liquids”, how we like to call coffee, alcohol, various juices, inevitably leads to dehydration, because these beverages cannot replace pure water in the body. And their constant consumption, unfortunately, eventually leads to the loss of a sense of thirst, and to the fact that a person replaces the feeling of thirst with a sense of hunger, and eats instead of drinking water – which is detrimental to the organism. In order to avoid these troubles, we need to establish a conscious discipline to drink 2 liters or 8 ordinary glasses of water per day, even if we do not think we are thirsty.

What kind of water do we drink?

Of course, pure spring water would be the best choice – if available to us. Unfortunately, in modern conditions of life, it is not. Bottled water, even if it comes from the purest sources, has an artificial taste, which gives it the packaging itself. With this taste in it, unfortunately, macromolecules of plastics come to pass, which is not healthy. So I recommend that you still use water from the faucet, but filtered or structured in such a way that it makes it much healthier. One way of structuring is frosting and re-de-icing, with the outflow of a certain portion of water in which the harmful substances were kept. The other way, which may be more in line with the mentality of a modern man who does not always have time to carry out long-lasting procedures, uses impulse magnetizers, which are simply placed on the tap and structure the water in the same way as if it was frozen and re-depleted.