Food Allergies and Focus: Attention Deficit Food Allergies / ADHD Food Allergies / Hyperactivity Food Allergies

An adult or child with symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be “reacting” to the food they are eating.  Even healthy foods can cause an allergic reaction which can affect the nervous system. By simply eliminating foods you are intolerant of, you can improve focus, mood, memory, organization skills, attitude, and even hyperactivity!

Adult example: You may have a terrific day one day, full of energy and ability to think clearly, and the next not be able to remember where they left their keys, what time meetings are, or what time their kid’s soccer practice is.

Child example: One day a child is a cheerful, respectful and finishing homework without a problem, but the next they have brain fog, can’t remember where they left their homework, if they did their homework, seem lazy or have a bad attitude.

When an allergic food is eaten, it can make the person feel symptomatic. Two facts strongly reinforce the claim that food allergies are really: the first is a clear association with the introduction of non-potable foods – the dropout was not before the introduction of new food, and it appeared within 24 hours of the introduction of the listed foods, which is typical of an allergic reaction to food. Foods can affect the nervous system by speeding it up or slowing it down.  An ADHD diet, Attention Deficit Diet, or an attention deficit nutrition program can be as simple as removing the foods contributing to the Attention Deficit symptoms or the ADHD symptoms. ADHD is sometimes treated with drugs, usually stimulants (amphetamines) that help children to focus on the task and reduce behavioral problems. Recent knowledge about the lower metabolic activity of the brain supports the use of stimulants, which affect these children soothing.

Benefits of our food allergy/food intolerance/chemical sensitivity tests: improve attention, improve focus, recognize the triggers for Attention Deficit symptoms or ADHD symptoms.

Food allergies and hyperactivity and food allergies and ADHD go hand in hand!

If you are searching for a diet for ADHD symptoms or researching food allergies and attention deficit diet your answer may be as simple as changing the diet!


Disclaimer: Our food tests are not a diagnostic test for ADHD, it is simply a way to identify what the child’s diet should be.